Why Tadimety

Tadimety Aromatics creates high quality specialty aroma chemicals that are fine-tuned for each customer’s requirement. Our range of products covers the entire gambit spectrum of the fragrance environment from very high value ingredients to the more popular mid segment range and also the ingredients which are purchased for large volume manufacturing. Any of your requirements can be formulated at cost effective prices keeping extremely high standards.

R&D Centre - When Chemistry meets art, fragrance happens

Tadimety Aromatics boasts an established, cutting-edge Research & Development facility, where we develop and create ground-breaking products that also comply with stringent industry norms. Led by a highly experienced & passionate team dedicated to innovation, it is equipped with advanced labs, large-scale experimental spaces, analytical laboratories, and other state-of-the-art facilities. Over the years, the exceptional performance, safety and superior quality of our aroma molecules have turned out to be the mainstay of our success.

Throughout, numerous technical papers by the R&D team have been published in various prestigious international journals. As a result of their hard work and dedication, two of its novel molecules, which are now being developed, will soon be patented. The team’s goal is to take Fragrance and Flavour innovations above and beyond, that create unrivalled experiences while enabling it to sustainably transform its portfolio of aroma molecules. In partnership with Tadimety, potential market partners will get a chance to utilize the wealth of expertise on hand to co-create sustainable aroma molecules.

Global Facilities

Manufacturing & Sourcing
The Aroma Factory

Manufacturing takes place in Tadimety’s large, spacious facility at Hirehalli, about 80kms from Bangalore, which is equipped with the latest equipment, utilizes clean processes and adheres to stringent quality standards. This is supported by a highly skilled and dedicated team of experts and continuously upgraded in accordance with global norms.

Quality Control & Assurance
Quality, at the heart of everything we do

Quality, being our first and foremost priority, we are committed to exceeding customers’ expectations of quality and excellence through continuous improvement in our systems and processes. An expert team, at Tadimety, ensures product quality at every stage meets the highest standards. All of the products in our inventory are Kosher, Halal, and other top regulatory body certified and comply with global regulations.

Certifications & Sustainability